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I am glad to learn that the Society namely ‘SISTERS OF CHARITY’ is launching a website meant to keep in touch with all those who have been associated with the Sisters in various ways that is – Education, Medical services and Social service. I, Mayor Kartika Reddy have been associated with the Sisters of Charity from a very young age. In fact I was a student at Holy Family High School from my early years. I am emotionally attached to this Institution of the Sisters of Charity and to the Sisters and Teachers who taught me. I have learnt the values of life which stand me in good stead even today in the high position I have attained. I appreciate the value based education they impart and the high standard of the School. I am sure many like me will be happy and appreciate the website where they can stay in touch with their dear Alma Mater and help keep the good work going. I wish the Sisters of Charity all success and assure them of my best wishes for the growth and progress of the good work that is being done by them in all the Institutions they run. -Ms.Banda Karthika Reddy, Mayor of Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC)

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I am R Neelaveni an ex-student of Holy Family Girls High School, Trimulgherry, Secunderabad and passed out during the year 1975. We are five sisters and one brother and all of us have been ex-students of the same school and are really proud of it.

The Sisters of Charity (SOC) have been the epitome of discipline, dedication and utmost devotion in every endeavour. They have encouraged us not only to be mere receivers, but have inspired us to feel the joy of giving, especially when it is oriented towards the needy. So, SOC have empowered us to reflect them in our own humble way! -Ms.R Neelaveni, Sr.Personal Secretary, NRSC, ISRO,Dept. of Space, Hyd.

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I have been associated with the Sisters of Charity of Saints Bartolomea Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa for a very long time. I appreciate their dedicated and committed Service for the past 178 years. This Congregation has a special concern for the sick priests. They have always taken very good care of the sick priests especially the Diocesan priests. I appreciate them very much for this service they render to the Ministers of God. In the Archdiocese of Hyderabad they have been rendering yeomen service in many and various ways especially in the fields of Education, Health Care and Social Service. Their services in the Rural areas in particular in the Districts of A.P. is praise worthy. The Sisters are very simple, approachable and unassuming. They have great concern for the less privileged, for human promotion and for the development of the poor and needy. I have great regard for the Sisters of Charity and pray that they reach out to many more in their apostolate and through their website. -Fr. Swarna Bernard

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I had joined St. Francis College for Women as an unmarried, fresh post graduate way back in 1982. It has been a great learning experience both professionally and on the personal front. Sr. Bridget Fernandes who was the principal of the college made me a more disciplined teacher, Sr. Romana Fernandes, Sr. Christine Rebello and Sr. Alphonsa Vattoley have always been very encouraging and given me great opportunities to grow and develop. The association is not just with the Institution but with every sister in the Congregation who always made us feel part of St. Francis family. The exponential growth of the college reflects the untiring and selfless efforts of the sisters who are committed to service. They have been instrumental in steering the college to greater heights, without losing focus on values, and service to the underprivileged. Sensitivity to human relations brought them closer to students, staff and their families. My children enjoyed watching the fish in the aquarium and happily played with the sisters. Apart from education, they have been actively involved in community service, providing health care and community counseling. Disturbed teenagers, worried parents, people into different kinds of addictions are counseled and helped to gain confidence to face the challenges of the world. I congratulate the sisters and pray that may God bless them with good health and spiritual fulfillment. -Ms. Swaroopa, Department of Commerce, St.Francis College For Women

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My association with the Sisters of St. Francis College, Begumpet is for more than 36 yrs and is dated back to 12th Aug. 1974 when I joined the St. Francis family as a Lecturer in the department of Mathematics. From that day, till today, the day of my retirement on 31st Oct 2010, I have always been influenced by the sincerity, commitment and dedication which the sisters have to serve the society. In particular in the profession of the education of young women, they have stood up to their motto “Wisdom and Peace through Love” and have been working tirelessly for the empowerment of women, spreading knowledge, wisdom and peace among the younger generations. I had joined the institution as a fresh post graduate and I can never forget the encouragement, cooperation and the opportunities that the management had given me to grow in the Institution. I can proudly assure everyone that I am retiring from this Institution with a complete sense of satisfaction and fulfillment, which I owe to all the Sisters of St. Francis. The love, appreciation and encouragement given by them when a good task is accomplished successfully, is remarkable. These generous and kind gestures make a person feel very happy and contented and also motivate them to rededicate themselves to higher goals. I am really proud to be a part of the St.Francis’ Family. “The heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flights, but they, while their companions slept were toiling upward in the night.” God bless all of you sisters and “Thank you” for everything. -Ms.Sandhya, Department of Mathematics, St. Francis College For Women

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I did my Post Graduation in St. Francis College for Women during the academic year 2007-2009. As a student I was always encouraged by my teachers and Sr. Alphonsa Vattolly to excel in curricular and extra-curricular activities. I was always guided by the management to take right decisions and so I joined the college once again as a lecturer in 2009. The Sisters of this college especially Sr. Doris D’Silva, Sr. Alphonsa Vattolly, Sr. Christine Fernandes, Sr. Sandra S. Horta, Sr. Sherly E.D. and Sr. Sujatha Yeruva have always motivated me to learn new things and have shown faith in me by giving me new responsibilities and have supported me in all my endeavors. All these have made my association with Sisters of Charity stronger. -Ms. Afeefa Noorain, Department of Computer Science, St. Francis College For Women

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My voice reaches out to heaven’s door thanking the Almighty God for His guiding hand, the hand which guided me into this esteemed institution, Vijay Marie College of Nursing which is under the Mangement of the Sisters of Charity, Secunderabad Province. In Vijay Marie I learnt the value of time, the value of persons and the value of books. It was in this Institution that my potentials were discovered and I was moulded to be a new being that I am today. To trust in the Lord at all times, bloom where we are planted and to keep our faces towards the light were the core motives of our dear sisters in this Institution. I will remain deeply indebted and heartily obliged to this wonderful college forever. Thank you. -Ms. Miranda Jose, Ex-student, 3rd Batch B.sc (Nsg) Vijay Marie CON, Begumpet, Hyderabad

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I was fortunate to work with the Sisters of Charity of Saints Bartolomea Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa. As a young priest, immediately after my Ordination, I was appointed as the Parish Priest of Cheruvumadaram in Khammam Diocese in the southern part of Andhra Pradesh. I went there with some pre- conceived and disturbing ideas in my mind. In a very short time all these disturbing ideas were completely shattered by the warmth of love, care, concern and encouragement that I received and experienced from the Sisters.

I received my Priestly formation in the Seminary; however the Sisters of Prem Seva Sadan, Cheruvumadaram truly paved the way for me to exercise my priestly ministry very fruitfully. They love and work for the poor and needy in the society. I admired their unity in diversity. I was often inspired with their dedication for unified action in the Catholic Church and the society at large. They supported me very much in my parish ministry and guided me in times of trials and tribulations.

The Sisters of Charity of Saints Bartolomea Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa excel by example in the Khammam Diocese. Even though they work hard in schools, especially in Kothagudem, they visit famililies on a regular basis and attend Prayer services at cluster levels. I learnt many good qualities from them which enable me to continue my pastoral ministry effectively. Their timely help and advice have always been a source of encouragement to me always.

I wish them all success to fulfill God’s mission in their lives. -Fr.Medikonda Sleevappa, Khammam Diocese (A.P.)

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" No service in itself is small, none great, though earth it fill;

But that is small that seeks its own, and great that does God’s will ." Anon

God was merciful to me as I was born in a home with prayerful parents and siblings. To add to this serene and harmonious atmosphere at home, God bestowed on me the privilege of getting my education in St. Francis Girls High School, Secunderabad and later at St. Francis College for Women, both managed by the Sisters of Charity.

My stay at St. Francis School and College not only helped me to gather knowledge from books but highly polished my spirituality and moral education. We are all familiar with the saying: “When wealth is lost, nothing is lost. When health is lost, something is lost. When character is lost, everything is lost.” True to this the sisters always taught that character is more important in one’s life.

Throughout my school and college life, I simply kept admiring each of the nuns who sacrificed their all for one cause – Service. They were an embodiment of humility, gentleness, tolerance, understanding and peace. If today as a teacher in Holy Family School since 1989, I am admired by my students for my simplicity and humility, I owe it all to my Sisters of St. Francis who inculcated in me these qualities. I have had the opportunity to serve under able Principals and Correspondents. Each dedicated to the job assigned to them.

I find in all the sisters the same golden, good qualities that I have seen in them since my childhood days. I admire and respect each one of them for their humble and austere way of life in this vicious, complicated, selfish, cruel and tempting world. Theirs is a family of true dedication, sincere devotion, total commitment and above all implicit obedience to take up the task assigned to them. Although from different backgrounds, they are united and very cooperative, working in unison to bring glory to God. They are ever ready to help anyone in distress. They not only help them practically but keep them in their prayers as well.

I thank God for designing my journey of life with these nuns as my co-passengers. The following lines aptly define the Sisters of Charity.

“Help us Lord, to give our lives so people clearly see, Reflections of your loving heart, your kindness, purity.” ---Sper

-Ms. Padmaja Rajagopalan, School Assistant, Holy Family High School, Trimulgherry

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I am Mrs. C. Krishna Kumari, a product of the vision and missionary zeal of the Sisters of Charity of Saints Bartolomea Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa.

I was a student and a teacher for 33 years with the Sisters of Charity at St. Francis High School, Secunderabad. As a student along with my studies I acquired values and principles which have made me a person who can stand upright as an individual. The motto of my school “Conquer through Love” became a part and parcel of my nature, which helped me get over many difficult situations and developed in me friendly attitudes and a positive outlook which endears me to all, even to date. My family is proud of me and this makes me proud of my school and the sisters who have influenced me and shaped me very beautifully.

I owe much to the Sisters of Charity. I wish and pray that the Spirit and mission of the Sisters of Charity continues to bless and serve humanity with many young hands and hearts joining the band of sisters to spread the love and compassion of Jesus. Long live the mission and spirit of the Sisters of Charity. -Ms. C. Krishnakumari, Ex student and retired teacher

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The heights of great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight,

But they, while their companions slept were toiling upward in the night.”

I am grateful to God Almighty for having given me a chance to relive and rewind the time machine of my acquaintance with the dear ‘Sisters of Charity’. To get back to 45 odd summers at Holy Family High School I must thank my beloved parents ‘ The Kochaiyappans’ for the way they had molded us with certain noble virtues of love, care, trust and generosity. These are the virtues which had, have and will be the binding cord of ours with our Sisters.

The stalwarts who had influenced my life are etched in me, to mention a few with utmost gratitude Sr. Angiolina D’souza my class teacher for Class X who had changed a timid child to face the challenges in stark reality. Sr. Daria, Sr. Imelda and Sr. Clarissa had in their own way instilled values to the teeming students who had come under the fold of this Alma Mater.

The bond grew stronger year after year with my dear parents, family members and the sisters of the community at Holy Family. There are many ups and downs which were shared at our second home. The pillars of our strength had entered into our fold to ease the troubled minds were none other than St. MaryAnn Theodore and Sr. Annamaria Basani.

I was associated with Sr. Joanita for 13 years to date and I am grateful to her for her timely support to re-affirm the strength of mind during the days of struggle of failing health. I am equally grateful to all the H.M’s and Correspondents under whom I served and the whole hearted support and cooperation received from them was immense. Each tenure under them was an experience which had taught me to accept life in its myriad colors. I am grateful to all the other sisters with whom I was associated but whose names I have not mentioned who have made me tread the path where I stand.

May heaven’s choicest blessings be showered on each one of you dear sisters to carry on the mission and enlighten the generations to come. -Ms. Shoba Shivadas, Retired Teacher Holy Family High School, Trimulgherry

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We spend the first quarter of our lives in school and it is in those days that we learnt to mould ourselves and grow...Some incidents and instances come to my mind about my school days that are the turning point of my life. The years spent in school are golden and will never come back in this fast pace age.


My childhood was the same as scores of other children but my experiences and learning are indeed different. I have some fascinating memories that bring laughter and tears and I have shared this with many persons and now I have this chance to pen it down.

My mother took two of my elder sisters and me to Holy Family High School for admission. The then principal Sr. Bibiana told us that there were seats for only two, so I was admitted the next year, which was way back in 1963.

I remember very little about the lessons in class I, because I was only six years old, but I remember –the box of lozenges’ (called naked sweets) kept on the table for those who recited, answered or read well in class and I received many from Sr.Archadia my first teacher

My first attempts at acting started in class 2 as a bridesmaid in the ‘Doll’s Wedding’ and from then on I was always chosen as the lead actress for all the English plays for the annual event that generally spanned two days. Being a part of this day was treasured by all. Those rehearsals, practices and training by Sr.Alicia, Mrs.Currie and Mrs.Burder are unforgettable.

I remember Sr. Bibiana for her kindness towards me many a time especially when my sister had conjunctivitis and sister made arrangements for me to stay in the school till the Annual Day was over as I was acting in it. The school gave me many opportunities to excel in many ways.

Sr.Imelda taught me Special English. She was a teacher par excellence but very humble. My fundamentals and later proficiency in the language I owe to a great extent to her and others. I was elected as the school leader in class ten. This responsibility enabled me to co-ordinate and interact with both juniors and seniors.

Leaving the portals of Holy Family in 1973 I came back armed with a graduate and teacher training degrees and was appointed as a school assistant in 1979. From then onwards I have tried to translate my learning into my teaching

I got the opportunity to work under various sisters and headmistresses and must say it has been an enriching experience. I got the freedom and trust to participate, initiate and motivate myself and others on several occasions. Over the years what I have perceived is, this institution has deep rooted values and this unshakable foundation on which stands this edifice was laid by many Sisters of Charity decades ago. They have truly worked for the needy and remained selfless throughout their life time. They will be etched in my memory with awe, respect and a child’s love. The influence this school has had on thousands of students is remarkable .Their commitment and service orientation can be seen even now.

I wish and hope the strong and powerful energy will synergize this institution to great heights and impart invaluable life lessons.

Let the journey continue…

-Ms.Girija Gopinath, Ex student and teacher, Holy Family High School,Trimulgherry


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I am a 1997 Alumni of the esteemed St.Francis School in Secunderabad. Fourteen years have passed but the bags of values they packed for me are still fresh within me. Its only after I passed out of the school that I realized how unique I really am when drawing parallels with classmates in college from different Alma maters. They all seriously lacked in many of the necessary qualities for a well-bred human being. Francis wrapped me in moral values, personality and social standards and the Lord’s preaching(no force on religion please!), in the right proportions enabling me to take only the right decisions even if they are difficult decisions.

Their commitment to the students’ academic and extra-curricular performance is unbelievable; and they are all taught with maximum discipline, perfection and practicality. We enjoyed to the fullest all the activities and competitions.

In fact, my friend Smitha G. from my batch got the 8th rank in the State. The lessons I learnt at school reflect today in my work through efficient team handling, hard work, consistency and crisis-management. On my domestic front, it taught me the power of simplicity, subservience, social-service and the importance of family

Our outstanding teachers looked after us like their children and never treated their work like just another job. Our school’s sesquicentennial celebration was unforgettable. Every single compliment goes to my school without any second thought in that the parents can enroll their toddlers in Francis and breathe easy to see not only academically brilliant but etiquette and morally-rich individuals coming out of it.

I love and miss my school, With choicest wishes -Ms.Shruthi Ragi (97 Batch)


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In choosing a school for a child, it is important to know what one wants from the school. Having made a thorough search, I decided on St.Francis Girls High School for my daughter. The decision was based on class size, dedicated teachers, strong focus on discipline and a structured environment. Small things like praying at the beginning and the end of a session have a great impact on the students. Reading habits are stressed, guided by their exceptionally qualified staff, which in my opinion goes a long way in benefiting the lives of the children.

Today I’m very proud of my decision to admit my child in St. Francis She could not have gone to a better school back then in 1985. The school management was very approachable and always exchanged rapports with parents. I was honored to be the chief guest of the school in the year 1991 and always took joy in visiting the school much after my daughter finished school, especially every year during Christmas. I hugely appreciate St. Francis for taking up such a great noble job of churning heroes out of children and instilling immense faith in them about life and teaching them how to lead it well.

God Bless St.Francis! and thanking St.Francis for remembering me.

With best regards as always. -Mr.Prakash Ragi (Father of Shruthi Ragi, 97 batch)