About us > Origin of the Institute

The Institute of the Sisters of Charity of Sts.Bartolomea Capitanio and Vincenza Gerosa(SCCG) also known as the Sisters of Maria Bambina had its origin in Lovere, Italy. It was founded by a young girl of 26 named Bartolomea Capitanio in 1832. Bartolomea’s inspiration to found an Institute took shape because of her deep love for God and through her involvement in the actual situation of the people of Lovere – her native town.

Having studied in the boarding school of the Poor Clares, she acquired a deep piety under the ever vigilant Mother Francesca Parpani. “I want to be a Saint, a great saint and a saint soon” were the words she uttered at the age of 7 at the ‘Game of Straws’. Her spiritual Director Don Angelo Bosio sensed the working of the Spirit in her and guided her in her spiritual Journey. He urged her to note down all the inspirations she received. This resulted in the inspired document we now call ‘the Foundation Document” which forms the basis of our present Rule of Life. She wrote: “The Institute which will be founded in Lovere is be totally founded on charity and this must be its principle aim…should have as its aim the education of poor young girls…devote itself to the relief of the sick..” In this way she outlined a MISSION which, though starting as a personal response to the needs of her environment was deeply rooted in charity and as such destined to be kept up and to spread beyond the bounds of Lovere.

Bartolomea was helped in her project by Catherine Gerosa, a simple, rich, charitable lady of Lovere. Together they consecrated themselves to God in a simple ceremony on 21 November 1832 at Casa Gaia. Thus began the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity. Bartolomea was called to her eternal reward on 26 July 1833 eight months after founding the Congregation. It was left to Catherine Gerosa, under the able guidance of Don Angelo Bosio to carry on the work begun.

The Institute spread rapidly in many Provinces of Italy. In 1860, Mother Theresa Bosio the first Superior General answered the call of the missions of India and sent four sisters to work in Bengal -India. Thus began the mission of the sisters in India.

About us > History of Secunderabad Province

The number of communities in the Province of Mangalore increased and the distance from one community to another was enormous. A request was made to the Holy Congregation of Religious to divide the Province. Hence the Mangalore Province was bifurcated into Mangalore and Secunderabad Provinces. The sisters who were residing in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Goa, Bombay, Dharwad and Raichur District came under the Secunderabad Province. Thus the Province of Secunderabad was born on 2nd February 1962 through the initiative of the Superior General - Mother Constantina Baldinucci. Mother Antonietta Lucini an Italian, was the first Provincial superior of this new Province. It comprised 12 communities with 150 sisters. The Provincial House was situated in St. Francis Convent, Secunderabad.

In 1980, the Provincial House was shifted to Capitanio Convent, Begumpet. On 13th January 2004, the Provincial House was again shifted to St. Vincenza Nilayam, Kismatpur to make room for the B.Sc Nursing College. In 1998, the Secunderabad Province which had grown with the addition of new communities was bifurcated into the Secunderabad and Dharwad Provinces.

Today after 56 years, the Province has grown into a mighty tree consisting of 255 sisters in 35 communities and 2 offshoots spreading its branches to far away Nazareth- Israel and Egypt. Sr. Philomena Thomas is the present Provincial Superior of the Province.

About us > Sr. Antonietta Lucini (1962-1966)

Mother Antonietta Lucini an Italian, was elected as the Provincial Superior of the Mangalore Province in 1948 which included also all the communities of Secunderabad. It was during the reign of Superior General Mother Constantina Baldinucci the Province of Secunderabad was bifurcated from the Province of Mangalore in the year 1962. Sr. Antonietta Lucini was appointed as the first Provincial Superior of the new Province of Secunderabad. It comprised of 12 communities with 150 sisters. The First Provincial House was St. Francis Convent, Secunderabad.

Mother Antonietta Lucini was a true missionary at heart. She was austere in her living. She had a master mind for planning, administration and effective execution. She desired that Secunderabad province should spread far and wide – and so it did happen. She had a great love for the Institute and she instilled the same spirit in her sisters. She was approachable and her motive and focus was – living our spirituality, our vows and our charism, as stipulated by our foundress.

About us > Sr.Battistina Tavernini(1966 - 1975)

The mandate of the Provincial Superior was conferred on Sr. Battistina Tavernini by Mother Constantina Baldinucci. She was a dynamic Provincial Superior who governed the province from 1966-1975. During her tenure the Province comprised of 14 communities with 164 sisters. She was a brave and intelligent woman with a heart that is tender and sweet. She conquered her sisters with love and patience.

In 1969 she inaugurated the New Novitiate at Shanti Sadan – Dharwad for the Province of Secunderabad. There was nothing that she could not do. She was called architect of the province as she had planned and designed almost all the houses. She was immensely loved by all and was very popular.

At the evening of her life from a dynamic and vivacious person with a strong will of her own she became a helpless occupant of a wheel chair, with a same strong temperament and will. She was 86 years of age, 60 years of Religious life and 53 years as a missionary in India. She took the flight to heaven on the 25 May 2001.

About us > Sr. Alessia D’Sa (1975 - 1984)

Sr. Alessia D' Sa succeeded Sr. Battistina Tavernini in the year 1975. For nine years (1975 – 1984) she was at the helm of the Province, steering it steadily, firmly and effectively with foresight and planning. To strive for the spiritual growth of the Sisters was her priority! As she began her mandate there were 19 communities and 232 sisters and during her second term there were 22 communities and 277 sisters in the province.

1980 was another memorable year for the Province of Secunderabad as the Provincial House was shifted from St. Francis Convent- Secunderabad to newly constructed Capitanio Convent, Begumpet - Hyderabad. She also encouraged the sisters to open out our horizons to reach out in love and service not only within India but also abroad. The dream of Mother General, Mother Angela Maria Campanile was realized on 6th September 1984 as she joyfully inaugurated Holy Family Hospital community in Nazareth in the Holy Land, in the presence of Sr. Alesia D’Sa the Provincial Superior of Secunderabad Province. She was soft spoken and with great humility and simplicity of life she animated the Province. She encouraged her sisters to live the Charism of Charity with dedication and love.

About us > Sr. Mary Anne Theodore(1984 - 1992)

In the year 1979 Sr. Mary Anne Theodore was found a fitting instrument to fulfill an important and challenging task of forming the young religious. She became the Novice Mistress cum Superior at Shanti Sadan, Dharwad. This Nobel and delicate mission was carried out in imitation of the Divine Potter, with utmost diligence and a deep sense of belonging to the Church and the institute. This rendered her more capable to take up greater services as the Provincial Superior of Secunderabad Province. It was during the governance of Superior General Mother Angela Maria Campanile, Sr. Mary Anne Theodore was appointed. She governed the Province for 2 consecutive terms from 1984 to 1992 with utmost dedication and love. During the first term of her office there were 25 communities and 295 sisters in the Province and in the second term 2 more communities were added and the total number of sisters were 320.

She was spirit-filled, compassionate, rooted in prayer and faith. She had the depth of charity of the Charism of our Institute and also that eagerness and the art of communicating and transmitting that ardent charity to others. Her welcoming approach, gentle and gracious ways, sensitive to the needs of others, respect for the persons - all done with the purity of heart, not minding who the person, is greatly to be admired. Sr. Mary Anne Theodore winged her flight to heaven on the 30 August, 2002.

About us > Sr. Esther Joseph(1992 - 2000)

Mother Costantina Kersbamenr entrusted the mandate to Sr. Esther Joseph in the year 1992. She animated the Province for 2 terms from 1992-2000. During her first term of office there were 30 communities with 348 sisters and second term there were 32 communities with 363 sisters. It was during her term that the Province of Dharwad was biforcated from the Province of Secunderabad. 11 communities and 3 offshoots were passed on to Dharwad Province. It was in the year 1999 July St. Bartolomea Nilayam the new Novitiate of Secunderabad Province was officially erected by Sr. Esther Joseph. On 19 June 2000 the community of Infant Mary Convent Egypt was erected by her.

Sr. Esther Joseph was known for her humanness, understanding, humility and gentleness in her approach towards her sisters. She was always dependent on authority, appreciated the elderly sisters, seeking their advice and requesting their prayers before undertaking any important task. She has great love for the poor especially the people in the village and the sisters of district communities.

About us > Sr.Romana Fernandes(2000 - 2008)

Sr. Romana Fernandes, the provincial Superior was conferred with the mandate to animate the Province by Mother Piercarla Mauri in the year 2000. She governed the Province for 2 consecutive terms from 2000 to 2008. During the first term of her office there were 23 communities with 244 sisters in the Province and in the second term 22 communities and the total number of sisters were 247. In the year 2001 St. Vincenza Nilayam, Bandlaguda Jagir in Hyderabad was erected as a new community and the first batch of Tertians were hosted in this Province. On 13 January, 2004 the Provincial House was officially shifted to St. Vincenza Nilayam in order to give place for B.Sc. Nursing College at Capitanio Convent Begumpet - Hyderabad.

She was blessed with exceptional intellectual capacities which she made use in the governance of the Province by taking new initiatives such as setting up of the Province Museum, and starting of Province day in order to bring together the sisters of the Province under one umbrella. Beyond all her success as an administrator and academician Sr. Romana is a gentle, kind, soft spoken and self-sacrificing person. As a great animator, a pillar of strength, a friend in need, a philosopher and a guide to many young and old. In her we find an excellent blend of heart and mind. She has great love for the poor and the under privileged especially the orphans and the home children. With her simple and poor life style she guided the province to greater heights.

About us > Sr. Mary S. Kuriakose (2008 – 2011)

After having long experience of working as a formator in different fields namely equip for young sisters at the initial formation, in charge of Postulancy and as a Novice Mistress for 10 years she was well equipped to take up the responsibility of animating the entire Province of Secunderabad with greater spiritual discipline. In the year 2008 Mother Piercarla Mauri entrusted the mandate as the Provincial Superior to Sr. Mary S. Kuriakose. When she took up the responsibility there were 33 communities with 263 sisters. She governed the Province from September 2008 – November 2011.

As a formator Sr. Mary has lot of insight to look into the persons to guide and mould them, she is a person of vision and is very loyal to the Institute, respects the authority and lives the Rule of life diligently. By being open to the Spirit she courageously confronted the persons for their growth and for the mission. She was very loving and motherly at the same time firm and decisive. She gave lot of time to listen, to understand the persons and to uplift them.

Within this short span of her governance she was able to face all the challenges and cross the barriers with the strong weapon of faith and prayer. Even before the completion of her first term as the Provincial Superior, she was elected as the Assistant General in the year 2011 which demanded her unreserved availability to the Institute family and total obedience to God’s will.

About us > Sr. Philomena Thomas (2011-2019)

Sr. Philomena Thomas, the Provincial Superior was conferred with the mandate to animate the province by Mother Annamaria Vigano on 10 November 2011. During her reign her missionary zeal has enabled her to expand the Province in opening the communities in Egypt as well as in Jerusalem. During her tenure she has opened 4 communities and 2 offshoots, presently consisting of 35 communities and 2 offshoots and 255 sisters. Sr. Philomena has a strong sense of duty and so does with a sense of responsibility and perfection. Through her circular letters she communicates in depth, to promote values, to live the Charism and religious life uprightly and to love the scripture. She aims at building community communion. She is very simple and gentle in her dealings with others, very lively and jovial.

She has brought a lot of renewal in the Province at the spiritual, economic and administrative level, with her firm but loving reminders. She has undertaken seriously to professionally update and train the sisters in different fields. The beautiful eye capturing Museum in the Provincial house is the brain child of Sr. Philomena who has a great esthetic sense. With her vision for the future of the Province she has taken initiatives for the re-planning the various sectors of our Mission work.